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Services of traditional medicine and homeopathy

Dr. Yadollah Ahrari

With over 5 years of medical experience providing the latest and most effective traditional medicine methods

I graduated from the University of Northwestern University in the Philippines with a degree in medicine from the year 2 and continued my practice in the field of traditional medicine until the middle of the year. I began medicinal herbal treatment in the middle of the year and became acquainted with traditional medicine while studying books. And in the year of my acquaintance and training of traditional medicine and herbal medicine course and membership in Iranian Institute of Fijian Research I have been following the traditional medicine with great conviction and interest, relying on Quran and hadiths and narrations and participating in most related seminars and studies Traditional medicine reference books and sites related to traditional medicine include the book " Leech Therapy from Traditional to Modern Medicine " at I published and published the volume in year 2, which received some attention
It should be noted that about 3 patients a year in Mashhad have been treated with traditional medicine (cupping, leech therapy, herbal medicine, seasoning) with various problems, especially joint and skin pain (cupping, nutrition and herbal medicine) and cardiovascular disease (leech therapy and I have been on nutrition and herbal medicine) most of which have achieved good results above 2%, and their good prayer will always be our encouragement

Presentation of the article "Anxiolytic activity of leech saliva" at the Shiraz Traditional Medicine Seminar 89

And a book to be published under the heading "The Treatment of Leishmaniasis", which will be published by the Iranian Institute of Glucose Research in the spring of 2007. And the translation of the book "The Treatment of Glucose Diseases" has just begun

Training of leech therapy in Khorasan Razavi representation classes of Iranian Cupping Research Institute
Member of Iranian Medicinal Plants Association since 5 years
God willing, the growth and recommendation of traditional medicine in Iran, which will provide the self-sufficiency of medicine and treatment of the country, self-sufficiency and independence is one of the primary goals of the Islamic Revolution, and traditional Islamic medicine is the best option for this purpose