The following may be involved in one or more of the following causes

Generally, the concentration of blood in the form of concentrated mildew is caused by blood
Sometimes kidney and liver disease, multiple kidney cysts, kidney stones and urinary tract obstruction cause this complication
Cerebral tumors in children play a role in causing blood clots
Adult malignant kidney and liver tumors can cause blood clots
Occasionally, uterine fibroids in women can play a role in the secretion of erythropoietin hormone and cause blood concentrations
Stress sometimes plays a role in blood concentration, especially in young people due to overwork

Complications of blood concentration

Increased sputum in the blood can cause blood to flow into the small vessels and capillaries, blurred vision and stomach discomfort
In young women, as a result of increased blood flow, blood does not drain out of the vasculature and causes congestion and retention
High blood pressure can lead to a heart attack or stroke


Urinary retention - Sour burst or gastroesophageal reflux - Early fatigue - General weakness and weakness - Increased saliva discharge - Nasal discharge - Coldness of the facial skin - Dullness and whiteness of the face - Whiteness of the tongue - Urinary whiteness of the skin
Slow pulse - prolonged sleepiness - decreased appetite for food - heaviness in the stomach - shortness of breath - cough - white and thick sputum withdrawal - decreased cold tolerance - decreased uterine fibroid volume - decreased menstrual cycle - decreased uterine bleeding volume - fingertips Clubbing

The most important ways to treat blood concentration in traditional medicine after taking herbal medicine and lifestyle to help cure this disease

Moderate exercise and walking can increase your blood flow and reduce your risk of blood clots
Foot and ankle stretching exercises can improve your blood circulation
Be careful with your wounds, poor circulation can create very difficult medical conditions for the wounds, especially on your hands and feet
Inspect your feet regularly and see your doctor for any ulcers
It is beneficial to massage the body and reduce the amount of food
After dipping the bulgar, diuretic material should be consumed


The patient should avoid cold foods and pickles


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