How much blood does the patient lose

The amount of blood lost to a large proportion of leeches includes bleeding after treatment of leeches between 20 and 30 grams per leech

One advantage of leeching is the predictability of its amount of blood

Is the leech sting painful

Leech bite pain is as much as mosquito bite. So leech sting is not painful

Due to the presence of a histamine-like substance during the treatment of mild itching similar to insect bite itching may occur

In what diseases is leech treatment useful

Because of its ability to dilute blood and its contents, leeches are a good treatment for diseases that cause blood circulation problems

In many diseases there is a defective circulation

Specifically, all diseases related to the circulatory system, such as blood clots, blood clots, hemorrhoids, myocardial infarction, myocardial infarction, blood concentrations, vascular calcification, and blood vessels. [vi], ear sound [vii], varicose veins

At the same time, it can be stated that leech treatment can also relieve pain.,Due to anti-inflation material

Its positive effects on rheumatism, arthritis, disk volume problems, elongation, throbbing, pain and muscular injuries have been shown

In general, anywhere in the body where symptoms of congestion or insufficiency of blood flow and obstruction are incomplete or complete

Or symptoms of inflammation and infection can be treated with a few leeches several times

Does leech treatment have side effects

Severe side effects are very rare with leech treatment when needed and attention to all treatment barriers

Topical reaction may occur at the bite site and also in most cases weakness may occur

During treatment for venous congestion, when the leech is placed directly on the vein

Bleeding after leech treatment can be stopped by tying it with a plastic tape or using contraceptives

Is there a risk of infection

If leeches are not observed, leeches can also be a potential source of infection

Bacteria can be found on leech skin among other things

Correct bacterial infection can be prevented by proper hygiene measures

Cleanliness is of utmost importance during treatment

i. Thrombose

ii. Cramp Vein

iii. Hemorrhoid

iv. Cardiac Infarction

v. High Hematocrit

vi. Vessel Blood Calculation

vii. Tinitus

viii. Varicos Viens