What does cupping mean

Hijama is a term used for the treatment of certain diseases, which has a historical history of seven thousand years, and has been mentioned as a divine tradition in the Prophetic Prophet (PBUH) and is signed by Islam. In the scientific sense of the word "scarification" (wetcuppinq ؛ bloodiettinq ؛ drycuppinq) it is not a complete term given the Islamic concepts

How is the cupping procedure

After examination of the profile of the patient designated for cupping, the cup is disinfected and the cup is disinfected for a few minutes. This operation lasts for about 20 minutes, when the transfused blood reaches a maximum of 50 to 70 cc

How scientific is the cupping

A scientific effort to justify the world cupping has begun and a number of compilations have already been published ((cupping a tried-and-true treatment)) based on a research conducted by Dr. Doelhan Small in Germany
Some American experts have also published research on this subject, and a well-established American cupping research clinic has been established and is currently undergoing scientific research on cupping
In some Asian countries, cupping therapy is also effective
A number of Asian countries have also studied the impact of the disease on specific diseases and its report has been published

In Shahid Beheshti University of Ian, in the years 71-72, several researches on cupping have been carried out, including: It is also a doctoral dissertation ((Study on the effect of cupration on blood serotonin)). Another study is being conducted at Tehran University and its initial report was presented at the Fifth International Conference on Islamic Medicine in India in 1999. There are many grounds for the foot It has been a development

Doctors and scholars have researched various cups for the treatment of various diseases, thus providing valuable background information

How much cupping does the cure have

In Islamic medicine and traditional herbal medicine is mentioned as one of the most important treatment and treats various diseases and is specially listed in Islamic medicine as a preventive treatment for all diseases and for specific diseases treatment of all diseases caused by blood loss. It is repelled

Do doctors recommend cupping to patients

No - Information about cupping in the medical community is limited. Generally, this topic is not taught in medical schools in Iran. Only in some US, British, German, and Chinese universities, this subject is taught in a classical fashion. They are aware that not everybody is doing this. It is very unlikely that more than five thousand years have passed since the other information has been raised. The doctors in Iran who are familiar with this issue reach thousands

What diseases can be used in the treatment of cupping

Cupping for hyperlipidemia (high blood lipids); insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus; muscle pain; neurological headaches; and migraine; skin diseases including acne; psoriasis; Menstrual pains in women and adolescents (dysmonorrhea) and some infectious-hormonal and reactive diseases

Are Benefits of Truncation Benefits for Treating Diseases

The most common uses of cupping are in the prevention of diseases and various mechanisms, including the regulation of the immune system, can prevent diseases, thus concluding that the use of cupping is only for the treatment of patients

What are the advantages of cupping over other conventional therapies

Generally, cupping is a treatment without side effects, and if used in a specialized way, it has many advantages over current treatments such as the use of chemical and surgical drugs. The benefits of cupping can be summarized as follows

Cupping is a treatment without any side effects

(Applying cupping to all ages (except the first four months of life

Cupping with minimal technical ability and executive equipment can cure severe and serious diseases

The cupping has no technical-scientific dependency on the outside of the country

Cupping is an outpatient behavioral therapy and does not require hospital equipment

Interference factors are present in the vein and complete behavior can be treated

Cupping is an achievement that has the potential to attract psychological effects and, in addition to enhancing the level of treatability, will enhance the culture of religious beliefs and altruistic relationships

Shouldn't any people be bothered

Preventive cupping is not dangerous and can be prevented at least every spring to prevent illnesses, and at least the interval for cupping begins from one month. The following should not be bothered

People who are heavily involved with the definition of Islamic medicine and traditional medicine

Children of birth at the age of four months

Pregnant women 4th month of pregnancy

Women during menstrual periods

People with platelet deficiency

People with high blood pressure ,in those people should not use hot and cold blood pressure to lower blood pressure and then have a cupping

How many stages of cupping are safe this year

It is risky for mammals and rabbits to perform 1 to 3 stages in a useful year and should not be overdone. For rabbits, along with a series of other therapeutic measures, the ability to increase may be increased. It should not be allowed for a day

What patients and centers should be referred for cupping

Physicians who have passed the prescription training course are qualified to do so. Physicians can also receive a prescription if they are undergoing a course, but the prescriber should be familiar with this treatment method. Research projects under the auspices of research centers and universities make it possible for patients to undergo cupping in hospitals such as Loghman Hakim Hospital (Tehran) and the branches of the Iranian Cupping Research Institute and the physicians affiliated to the Research Institute. Qat are Iranian cups and they have trained themselves to go back

Is cupping restricted in the scientific community of Matech

In general, the scientific community has a fundamental rethink of Islamic and traditional therapeutic behaviors, and this move is highly anticipated. Iran has not been born into a scientific belief, and most experts are waiting for foreign reports to be released when a report from the border proves this