Eucalyptus is one of the herbs used in traditional medicine and has the following characteristics

Eucalyptus is a tree of dark matter originating from Australia, where it forms the land of rainforests
The root of this tree absorbs water three times its weight

Other names

Eucalyptus is a fever-tree and gum tree
Eucalyptus globulus Labill

Chemical compounds

Plant leaves with essential oil (1.5 to 3.5%), phenolic compounds such as gallic acid, Elagic acid, bitter substance tannin-penny cesky-most-alcohol and dovanyl, Sinapaldehide, Syringaldehyde, protocatalytic acid, stylish protocate Aldehyde, vanillic acid and Ellagitannin, flavonoids such as quercetin, Taxifoline, Quercitrine, Taxifoline, Lotte Eulin, Ronin Apigenine, Quercetin, Eucalyptin, Hyperrozide, Euglubal, Cineol Cialol or Cialol Formulary Essential Oil Chemicals 81 O (70 to 85% essential oils), alpha and beta nanoparticles, P. siman, delimonen, flandrenon, terpene nan, Aromadenderen, acetal Damyl, Yinocarole Pinocar veol, Globulol, ethyl alcohol, aldehyde valeric, butyric aldehyde A crystalline bitter substance called Eudesmol

Eucalyptus Properties and How to Use It to Eliminate Abuse

A. Eucalyptus essential oil

Use lavender and eucalyptus fumigation and massage for the treatment of infantile puppies
Eucalyptus essential oil strengthens the immune system and fights against viruses, bacteria and infections and is anti-inflammatory. And apply under the palm of your hand or inside your fist
To relieve headaches and back pain and muscle aches: Eucalyptus, peppermint, thyme, 2 grams, 2 grams of nettle and 2 grams of sesame oil, warmed by Ben Marie method, then smooth to place in pain
Or pour 2 drops of eucalyptus vegetable oil into the water and sprinkle twice daily
Apply it to the bleeding area of the extracted tooth. It blocks the blood
Used in external use as a mild topical anesthetic and disinfectant. It is useful for washing wounds and pustules such as the ears and the like

C. Eucalyptus leaf

Eat 1 cup a day for a week to relieve the seizure from the stomach
One cup a day for a week to prevent blood coagulation (if not fever) from eucalyptus extract
Drinking teas is fever-inducing, digestive, digestive, and useful for treating nausea, malaria, and typhoid fever
Taking a breath will dry out the respiratory tract, disinfect, bronchitis and discharge
Tuberculosis of the tuberculosis improves lung discomfort, diabetes or diabetes mellitus, gonorrhea and muscle spasm and is a parasitic agent
It is used as a brain antitumor, a general disinfectant especially for lung infections, sputum and in some skin diseases

Eucalyptus leaf preparation and consumption

Apply 4 grams of dried eucalyptus leaf powder in 2 grams of boiled broth for 2–5 cups daily for a week

How to make Eucalyptus massage oil

Soak 20 grams of eucalyptus leaf salad, 2 grams of thyme and 2 grams of lavender then pour 2 grams of olive oil on it. Heat and smooth, it is very effective for body massage

Eucalyptus tub drop method

10-15 drops of eucalyptus vegetable oil in liquid soap or milk powder and pour into the tub. Lie for 30 to 40 minutes a day for 1 to 2 days

Avoidance and harms

Harmful to the cold
Eucalyptus is contraindicated in pregnancy for pregnant women, nursing mothers as well as children under 2 years of age
People with gastrointestinal inflammation or bile duct inflammation, liver disorders, even inhaled, should avoid consuming Eucalyptus leaves essential oil
Over-consumption of eucalyptus can cause a variety of abdominal pain, liver damage, gastrointestinal and headache inflammation, kidney inflammation, urine and hypotension, respiratory paralysis, suffocation and death. Better to consume these herbs. Because of their overuse, there are many side effects
Eating a small volume of its extract (about 5 ml) is associated with the risk of death

Drug interactions

Eucalyptus interferes with amphetamine, barbiturates and anti-diabetics


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