What does cupping mean

Cupping is so-called blood sampling
Used to treat some diseases, it has a historical record of seven thousand years

It has been mentioned as a divine tradition in the traditions of the prophets and the Prophet , pbuh
It is part of the signature of Islam and is traditionally regarded as a pillar of treatment
In scientific terms, the term "scarification" (wetcuppinq; bloodiettinq; drycuppinq) is interpreted
Of course, given the concepts that come from Islam, the words mentioned are not perfect

Can we use "cupping" as a cure despite the acceleration of science in today's world

Any treatment that has more history is considered more scientifically valid

Because positive or negative therapeutic experiences mean human life or loss of life

When it is said to be a thousand-year-old or seven-thousand-year-old method, that is, billions of people have experienced it for many years

And they have taken advantage of it, so we have no right to simply disprove or dismiss experiences that are at the expense of human lives

Some say that the old treatment is outdated for the sake of being old

Scientifically, reasoning is irrational and unscientific

Because if we were to replace any one method, we would have to re-experience human life to see if it would be useful after many years

Among the traditional medicine methods, which method can always be used for treatment

Among the set of medical procedures that include the use of medicinal herbs, inorganic and animal medicines and therapeutic behaviors

The only strategic, all-encompassing and profound behavior used throughout life from infancy to old age is "cupping"
To treat or prevent

Humans can be exposed to the disease much less frequently, at least once or twice a year, to prevent disease

And for the treatment depending on the type of disease, temperament and nature can use a particular type of cupping, either hot or dry cupping or more cupping , blood sampling

So, first of all, not all blood vessels

Secondly, the rate of excretion does not play a major role in the treatment

So even with only 3 cc of blood we can get treatment and the highest blood volume is 30 to 50 cc

So the concern about reducing blood volume is pointless

In addition, cupping treatment varies for different diseases

Is venous blood different from cupping blood

In a study design carried out at Loghman Hakim Hospital in Tehran, we compared the biochemical factors in venous blood (donated blood) with that of coagulation blood
Only the amount of cholesterol in the cupping blood was 2.5 times higher than the venous blood

Therefore, to reduce blood cholesterol levels, cupping is very useful

At the same time, we compared the venom of venom in blood and venous venom
We found that venom in venom was 23 times more venous than venom

Given the abundance of food, chemical, allergic and respiratory poisonings caused by the dispersal of lead and other pollutants in industrial and public environments and in large cities, it is sufficient to deal with these threats

It is interesting to note that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Imam Ali (PBUH) and Imam Sadiq (PBUH) have mentioned this issue
That "the toxin enters the body wherever it comes from,or from the cupping position, nothing but the toxin is excreted

Could cupping be useful for injured and chemical injured

We are a country that is subject to enemy invasion in many ways
And the wars of the 20th century onwards are microbial and chemical wars

That the new medical method of dealing with these wars has no way of preventing it

During the imposed war, many chemical warriors who were even sent to Germany were martyred there
And now we are witnessing the death of chemical warfareers every day. While we have experienced those who did the chemicals at the time of chemicalization, their lungs were generally cleared, and the lung specialists at the Iranian Culinary Research Institute say: Only those from our treatment phase They go out to have a cup

So what can we do if a god of chemical and microbial bombs explode in a million cities

We say that at this moment anyone can cup another immediately
According to the Prophet, peace be upon him, "the poison is removed from the cup. And we have proven this in our research

How is the cupping procedure

After a thorough examination, we will disinfect the patient who is scheduled for cupping

The disposable cup is then blown off for several minutes
After the creation of the superficial multicellular dilatation
Then blood is taken up to five steps according to the physical-clinical and vascular status of the hospital

This operation takes about 20 minutes
The amount of blood transfused reaches a maximum of 50 to 70 cc
Blood drying is not performed at the blood stage

How scientific is the cupping

A scientific effort to justify world cupping has begun

Compilations have also been published
"Hijamat is a tried and tested method" is the result of a study conducted by Dr. Doelhan Small in Germany

Some American experts have also published research on the subject

One of the most equipped research clinics in the United States has been established and is currently undergoing scientific research on cupping
A number of Asian countries are also investigating the effectiveness of cupping therapy and its report has been published

In Shahid Beheshti University of Ian, in the years 71-72, several researches on cupping have been carried out, including: Is a doctoral dissertation
(Another study on the effect of cupration on blood serotonin) is also another study conducted at Tehran University

Graduate students in related disciplines have compiled a variety of topics in the field, including theses. Physicians and scholars have researched the cupping of various diseases and have gained valuable background

How much cupping does the cure have

In Islamic medicine and traditional herbal medicine have been mentioned as one of the most important treatments for various diseases. Can be repelled

Do doctors recommend cupping to patients

No - Information on cupping is limited in the medical communityOnly in a few American, British, German, Chinese universities is this class taught

It is natural that when physicians are unaware of its therapeutic options, not everyone will do s
It is very prominent from other information
More than five millennia have passed by

Doctors familiar with the subject in Iran have reached thousands

What diseases can be used in the treatment of cupping

Cupping for diseases
Hypertension Non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus
Muscle pains; Nervous headaches; Migraine

Skin diseases including acne
؛ Psoriasis; Pharmaceutical Allergies; Dietary; Seasonal
مخ drug addiction هاي coronary artery disease and postmenopausal complications
Menstrual pains in women and adolescents (dysmonorrhea) and some infectious and hormonal diseases

Are Benefits of Truncation Benefits for Treating Diseases

The most common uses of cupping are in the prevention of diseases and various mechanisms, including the regulation of the immune system, can prevent diseases, thus concluding that the use of cupping is only for the treatment of patients

What are the advantages of cupping over other conventional therapies

In general, cupping is a treatment with no side effects
If used professionally, it has many advantages over current treatments such as the use of chemical and surgical drugs

The benefits of a cure can be summarized as follows

Cupping is a treatment without any side effects

(Applying cupping to all ages (except the first four months of life

Cupping with minimal technical ability and executive equipment can cure severe and serious diseases

The cupping has no technical, scientific or foreign dependence

Cupping is an outpatient behavioral therapy and does not require hospital equipment

There is no interference factors in the vein and a complete treatment will lead to treatment

Shouldn't any people be bothered

Preventive cupping is not dangerous
And to prevent illnesses you can have a cup of at least spring and autumn each year

At least the time interval for cupping starts from one month
However, in the treatment of diseases, the distance between the cups varies according to the patient's condition
And in normal day-to-day conditions, forty years, forty times a day, fifty years, and five times a day

However, cupping therapy may cause problems if uninformed

The following should not be complained about

People who are heavily involved with traditional medicine

Children of birth at the age of four months

Pregnant women 4th month of pregnancy

Women during menstrual periods

People with platelet deficiency

People with high blood pressure. Therefore, people should reduce their blood pressure by using a special hot and cold drink
And then she gave the cup

How many stages of cupping are safe this year

It is dangerous for maturity classes to perform 1 to 3 stages per year
And more should not be allowed
The number of benefits can be increased for the benefit types along with a series of other treatments
The cupping ceiling required is demo-age
That is, Ferdowsi is thirty days old, forty years old forty days old, and of course lesser days should not be allowed

Which persons and centers should patients refer to for cupping

Doctors who have passed the prescription training course are qualified to do so
Paramedics can also have a miracle if they are trained

However, the doctor should prescribe hijabs for this treatment

It should be noted that the recent reports of the Department of Health's Rejuvenating Behavior Therapy need scientific research

He knows most of the research projects under the auspices of research centers and universities
Patients may refer physicians who have self-medicated to perform cupping

Is cupping restricted in the scientific community of Matech

In general, the scientific community has a fundamental rethink on Islamic and traditional therapeutic behaviors
This is a very moving move
And in the field of cupping, the world scientific community at the European and American universities has also taken this into consideration

Modern experts and experts have made their information available to the public
Visual aids have also been reported
But in the Iranian scientific community, this has not been born as a scientific belief
Most experts are waiting for reports from foreign countries to be published

The ministries you see on the border report this

To what extent is traditional society aware of this method

People over the age of 40 are usually familiar with this method

And some have very little surface information about their performance

But appropriate therapeutic ideas can be deduced from this

In the field of practical justification of the range, a data collection is currently being collected and is in the process of publication

What is the traditional style of cupping in Iran

Antiquity in Iran reaches pre-Islamic times
Bahram Gorkani of the Sassanid kings, because he found his treatment unique to the cupping, achieved this method in Iran
According to historical records, this method of treatment was offered at Jundi Shaportedris University
Its cultural footprint can be seen in the country's literature
Every year during the spring, people, children, and the elderly complain about their health
So-called "Eid Blood"
And they believed that the benefits of wastewater and toxins would provide a health benefit
Traditional cupping tools have been around in museums and antiquities for thousands of years

Where is the place of cupping in the traditional way

All Iranian traditional medicine scholars have mentioned cupping as one of the important pillars of therapy

Mohammad Azkaria Razi in the Book of Al-Hawi by Sheikh Al-Rawis Abu Ali Sina in the Book of Law in the Medicine of Sayyid Ismail Jarjani in the Book of Kharazm Shahi Aghili of Khorasani in the book Summary of Al-Hikmah in the Assembly in a wide manner on the subject of Hijaman and Hijamah
The cups have been used to treat widespread and important diseases

The Prophet (peace be upon him) and his companions (as) have given the cup and have described the method of doing so
And its therapeutic features are listed

According to the Ascension Night which the Prophet (peace be upon him) says
When I ascended to the seventh heaven I did not pass through any property until they said, Yamammed, please, and you will be honored