The calcaneal spur is generally a lesion in the plantar fascia of the foot, which is one of the major causes of foot arch formation. This fascia can cause inflammation as a result of prolonged stretching and may cause extra bone growth at the heel joint.
In other words, heel spur is generally a lesion that occurs as a result of excessive bony growth on the soles of the foot or a partial deflection of the bones of the soles of the foot

With the severity of the material and the symptoms of heel throat, one or more of the following causes may be involved
One of the most important causes of heel spur is crystallization in the heel
This disease is more common in women
Obesity or overweight is another important cause of heel spur

Complications and possible effects of the disease

Lack of healing in traditional medicine may cause problems in the lower back or knee

The older the complication, the harder it is to treat healing in traditional medicine


Acne pain in the soles of the foot - Exacerbation at night - Exacerbation of pain after waking up - Exacerbation of the swelling after waking up - Exacerbation of heel pain at the beginning of walking - Increased foot pain when standing - Increased pain with Bending upward - Increasing heel pain after heavy exercise - Increasing pain after a long walk - Reducing pain after a short walk - Reducing pain with short rest - Reducing cold tolerance - Tongue whiteness - Urinary whiteness -Blue and whiteness of face- Diffuse heel to toe

The most important ways to treat healing throat in traditional medicine after taking herbal medicine and diet to help cure this disease

 Try to lose weight by using warm herbs to lose weight

After waking up, relax your calf muscles with a gentle stroke, a little walking and warming up

Soak your feet in warm water for fifteen minutes each morning, evening or before going to bed. Then dry your feet and gently pat them on the heels for five to ten minutes. Be careful that your beats are not tight

Throw in one to three times and every 10 relatively large leeches depending on the patient's ability to bend both sides of the Achilles tendon (especially the inside of the foot) and around each heel, and it has a great effect on removing the heel spur

Wearing a piece of wool on a regular shoe floor and taking anti-inflammatory drugs are effective in helping relieve pain

Wearing socks, using a seat in the cold season, and standing on hot bricks are other good ways

Divert lateral pressures and hard surfaces of the heel

Eat warm foods in your diet as much as possible

Put a wide band on the soles of the toes and under the toes and pull the two ends together so that the toes are close together. Hold this position for thirty seconds. Repeat this for seven or eight times a day to stretch the fascia of the foot

Stand one foot ahead of the other, bend the front leg from the knee. Make sure that the feet do not touch the floor with any feet. In this case, you should feel a stretch on the back of the leg. Hold this position for 30 seconds and do it seven or eight times a day to stretch the Achilles tendon

Place one machine on the floor and lift it off the ground with your toes so that the entire toe grips around the machine. Hold it for five seconds automatically. Doing this three or four times a day is enough

With the big toe, write the alphabet in the air. Do this three times a day for each foot

Although heel spur is the result of abnormal calcium deposition in the heel bone, and al-Qaeda is expected to exacerbate the consumption of calcium-containing foods, but unexpectedly, natural calcium intake lowers the severity of the disease and It cures it gradually

Cold therapy or circular massage with an ice bag on the heel can be effective in reducing inflammation and pain

Gently massage the soles of the heel with the appropriate plant finger and oils. Then apply pressure to the sloping area using a round stick. This pressure should be high. In order to stop and divert bone growth
Traditionally, wooden beams were used for this purpose and the individual's heels were pushed to their heels while lying down

In the first stage of healing throat : In traditional medicine combined with regular herbal medicine for 3 days, in the second stage for the female to have the disease is at least 10 days and you have to repeat these steps until complete abortion

Detection method

The heel of the heel is clearly visible in the X-ray of the heel

Similarities and Symptoms with Other Diseases

If you have leg pain at night, it may be your problem except for heel throat
Nocturnal pain may be due to arthritis or tarsal tunnel syndrome

The entire course of treatment

Herbal remedies should be taken in full and regularly with the help of herbal remedies

Remedies and ways to prevent healing in traditional medicine

Patients with this disease should avoid all causes of heel spurs, especially important causes of the disease
(Avoid cold and wet foods (including dairy products, pickles, rice and cucumbers
Avoid standing upright for long periods of time
Avoid prolonged sleep, prolonged driving, stress and constipation
Avoid walking on rigid surfaces or carrying heavy objects
Impose less weight on the heel and avoid strenuous activities such as running or jumping to complete elimination
Wearing inappropriate shoes is a factor in the occurrence of heel throat disease


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(Calcaneal Spur (Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Spur information