Homeopathy is known as traditional German medicine and is used as a complementary therapy. In most European countries, America and Asia, especially India, homeopathy is used to treat diseases

In most countries homeopathy acts like a vaccine and increases the body's resistance to all diseases

Homeopathy, or "similar therapy," is a specific treatment that leads to improvement by precisely stimulating the patient's vital and immune systems, in other words the nervous and psychological systems or the immune system
In other words, the patient is treated by stimulating his vital and defensive powers
In other words, any drug that can cause a symptom in a healthy person can treat the same symptom in a patient. This description can explain why the disease is treated with homeopathic medicine as the cause of the disease is the reduction or lack of production of certain enzymes and substances. It is known that type 1 diabetes is due to a lack of insulin secretion and insulin deficiency causes type 2 diabetes

Homeopathy is known as traditional German medicine

The World Health Organization calls it alternative and complementary medicine
Alternative medicine means disciplines such as acupuncture and homeopathy that can even be substituted for conventional treatments

Mazaheri Nejad said that homeopathy often comes with medical help and helps with the treatment of the patient. He said that for the treatment of diseases such as hypertension, homeopathy controls the symptoms and goes with the usual medicines. This does not mean, of course, that individual medications should be discontinued and homeopathic remedies should be used as complementary therapies

What Are Homeopathy's Treatments

"Homeopathy acts like a vaccine, so the body's resistance to disease increases," he said. For example, in children with recurrent colds, homeopathy can reduce the process, or if a person develops a headache, this treatment can improve her headache

Generally speaking, if someone has a headache, digestive problem and nervous discomfort and has a nail in the toe, all these diseases will improve when they start homeopathic treatment

In fact, we cannot say that homeopathy is used to treat a particular disease, but it is effective in treating all diseases

Homeopathic remedies

In the treatment of homeopathy, certain drugs are prescribed at very low doses, at least twice or thrice a month

Of course, there are exceptions, and in active illnesses, more medications may be prescribed

They have no chemical origin and are produced in many European countries

A patient's integrity and various physical, emotional and mental symptoms must be assessed to determine the appropriate drug

Then prescribe a drug that covers all of his symptoms
While homeopathic remedies do not have lasting side effects

Who is a Homeopathic Physician

A homeopath must necessarily be a physician and have a two-year homeopathy course
It should also be competent to correctly identify and prescribe homeopathic remedies

In Iran, homeopathy courses have not been formalized so far and we have had several informal courses with 2 graduates, about 3 of whom are working
At the same time, in order to be able to obtain the necessary authorization from the Ministry of Health for formal homeopathy courses, we stopped all courses we were planning to do so in collaboration with the Ministry of Health to hold formal homeopathy courses

What is the duration of treatment with homeopathy

The duration of treatment depends on the condition of the patient, the patient's age and the condition of the patient
For example, a child may be treated very quickly, for example
But in an elderly person who has a chronic illness, treatment can be delayed

On average, one-tenth of the time a person has the disease, it is necessary to treat it

For example, if a person has a 2-year-old illness, it takes at least 5 years to treat it

How to take homeopathic medicines in pregnant women and newborns

Homeopathic remedies are very diluted, so that one medication may be diluted 2 times
They are also one of the most widely used drugs in pregnant women in European countries

There are no reports of side effects of these drugs in pregnant women and infants

To know the best homeopathic remedies, you should refer to the website of the Iranian Homeopathic Association, which lists the approved homeopathic doctors

The therapeutic limitations of homeopathy

There are very few homeopaths in the country, although fewer than 5 physicians are members of the Homeopathic Society, fewer than those who are able to take specific courses abroad and use homeopathy

There are also general practitioners who have passed these courses and are approved by the community

But it should be noted that a homeopath should be qualified to do this

Shortage of homeopathic pharmacies

Another major problem is the shortage of homeopathic pharmacies

There are three to four homeopathy pharmacies in Iran

We hope with the changes that the Ministry of Health is making
To have more pharmacies or to have more services in existing pharmacies to provide homeopathy