In 1805, coinciding with the birth of the science of homeopathy, Dr. Hanman developed homeopathy and pharmacology. It was derived from ancient Greek pharmacy and alchemy schools. Pharmacy in homeopathy is an art and science. Which can be obtained by gathering from various sources of nature according to the principles and laws of this science
It also includes the amount and method of administration of the drug
Our botanists, veterinarians and zoologists are very helpful in identifying and combining some of them

And they even tell us how certain drugs work
Homeopathy, based on its philosophy, which is a holistic science, has a unique approach to the patient

That is to say, there are no illnesses, but sick people

Like other treatments, it cures the patient, not the disease

Homeopathic remedies have many different sources


That covers more than 60% of all medicines and which part of the plant to use depending on the pharmacopoeia
Which part of a plant or several parts or the whole plant or even an active ingredient of a plant is used

In some cases, several medicines are made from the same plant
For example, Bell and atrop are both made from the same plant


About 20% are medicines that can be taken from the entire animal to one part of the pharmacy


Includes acids, elements, organic and inorganic constituents, Schusserl bio-chemical


Contains nutrients that are pathogens in humans, animals and plants


Made from healthy animal discharge. Isodoses that are directly used by the same pathogen


Making medicine from organ to disease in the same organ

Imponderabilia drugs

According to the organism 280, even non-measurable things can have a very powerful drug effect on the patient

Which are made naturally and artificially

Synthetic drugs

Made from potent homeopathic chemicals

We need a carrier or carrier after making homeopathic remedies

Topical medications include herbal oils and glycerin

Foods include lactose, sucrose, glucose, dextrose, distilled water, ethyl alcohol

Our main solid carrier is lactose sugar extracted from goat's milk

Then there is sucrose, which is made from pills and granules and even tablets
Used in homeopathy from 10 to 40 in size
Properties of pills must be water soluble and have a melting temperature of 160 ° C and are insoluble in alcohol

(Maternal Tincture Preparation (MT

Dissolve the raw material in 96-degree alcohol in four grades

Class I is a raw material and twice the volume of alcohol
Second Class Triple Alcohol
Third grade four times as much alcohol

And fourth grade is up to five times as much alcohol

Different methods are used according to different drugs
Store for 8 to 40 days in a stable, cool place
We shake it off in the final days so that its materials can penetrate

Then enable it in the traditional way of property or decay

Traditional Simal

The traditional method of property 1 is diluted to 99 and introduced with c


The decimal is diluted 1 to 9, denoted by x

That is, in fact, Putin 2 is in dice with the traditional Putin 1

Both empowerment and potentiation are the same


Also added is a new method called millisimil, which is diluted 1 to 999, denoted by mm

Mostly made for very high potentials

Which is also used in the high-potency method called Korsakov


Another method is called Lm, which is 1 in 50,000. This method should use the 3c potential and use it professionally

According to homeopathic psychology, if given a medicinal potency, the same potency cannot be repeated in the next few days
The potency must be raised to complete the function of the drug

If high potency is used in chronic physical problems associated with repetition, it can have negative effects on mental health

Our path to healing turns into paring

But we want a more gentle and more effective treatment, with no severe aggravation and a deep physical and chronic problem. The Lm method is repeated 30-60 days

And the Lm drug is below potency no higher than 12

Otherwise, the patient will enter a new stage and new symptoms

This method has many disadvantages

Method of administration

It should only be administered in liquid form

The homeopath constantly checks the patient and gives the patient daily medication

That the medicine is prescribed medicine and that the state knows it fully

Because after the end of the drug, aggravation begins

That makes the homeopath's job a little harder and the patient's expectation is that he or she may come back after remission

The correct potency should be selected after diagnosis and drug selection

The drug will not be completely cured because it is not prescribed to the patient properly
In the physical problems of low potency and as the disease progresses to mentality, our potency increases

But at each stage of the patient, we must choose the minimum dose and no high 6c potentials should be repeated

Because our medicine has a direct effect on vital force, we treat the patient, not the disease

Our treatment is a holistic measure and if we take a drug we have to wait until the symptoms appear

To tell Vital Force. Apart from this, we will only create a repressive action on the patient and will have devastating effects in the years to come. While taking the drug in the patient, we may see new symptoms that may lead us to another drug
We will not change the drug until treatment is proven

Do not even duplicate medications with anti-homeopathy
Because we may need the same antiviral drug in the future