Definition of insomnia

Biliary insomnia, blackheads or insomnia predominated bile in the brain so that the owner, despite trying to sleep, could not sleep. If the awakening reaches the extreme, then it will stimulate the soul out of the way and prevent the crowd inside and bombing the bomb
Some people fall asleep too late, others fall asleep naturally, but wake up early and wake up in the morning
Some people have severe insomnia and may not sleep for weeks or months, or may fall asleep very briefly and stay awake
In other words, sometimes there is a disturbance in a person's sleep, which is either at the onset or continuation of sleep
The word literally means awakening, and in the term awakening, it is too natural to be optional in foreign or non-foreign affairs, or in transient illnesses, such as sadness, fear, crying, or hot temper. Either dehydrated or hot bile dry
This type of insomnia is the vanguard of all types of insomnia

With the severity of the substance and symptoms of insomnia, one or more of the following causes may be involved

One of the most important causes of insomnia is the predominance of hot and dry temperaments with the substance or the predominance of hot and dry temperaments of the bile duct on the patient's brain
Mental disorders such as anxiety and depression are other important causes of insomnia
Changing secretions of some endocrine hormones or altering blood urea compounds can lead to insomnia

Side effects and possible effects of insomnia

Obsession and madness may occur as dryness causes warmth and insomnia


Sleep apnea, insomnia, aggravation at night, daytime fever, eyelid heaviness
- Eyeburn - Spreading the eye pain to the bottom of the eye - Dry eye - Dry nose - Dry mouth - Swelling and inflammation of the eyelid - Urinary blur
-Face-Pulse -Face-jaundice -Face-swelling -Face-swelling -Lightness -Automaticity -Accuracy -Lack of sensation -Increase thirst-head-warmth-forehead -Ready-sadness -Tinnitus -Blackness -Justness -Black mouth taste -Germ of scalp- Weight loss and weight loss- Feeling hot and intolerant- Drinking alcohol- Smoking and smoking

The most important ways to treat insomnia after taking herbal medicine and diet to help cure this disease are

Drinking cool water is very useful and when the fever is decreasing, bathe in plenty of cool water after a meal
After eating out of a steam sauna or a sweet cold bath, eat a small, light, light and low calorie meal
Use aquatic herbal remedies better than before, but you must stop before sweating
Apply appropriate demos and cleanse, lax, and cleanse
Eat brains and smell them with a special moisturizer
Try to sleep before 4:30 pm to 4:30 pm
Daily fever remedies for insomnia do not require long-acting medications and can be treated with the following methods
a) Rest in complete rest
(b) Try to sleep on time and retaliate for insomnia
c) Before going to bed, spray cold and humidifying liquids
Massage the head and sides with damp oils and soak in the water
Clean your ears when leaving the house so that dust does not accumulate in your ears
Paste known drugs into your abdomen
Entrance to the gallbladder, and after the enema to temper the temper, eat rosé wine and food
 After taking a cleanse, laxative and brain cleansing with incense and sneezing herbal remedies, drop 10 leeches on each ear, place 5 small leeches on top of each eyebrow 20 days and then 10 leeches on each hand

healing period

In the first phase (treatment) period of herbal medication to increase the body's immunity against insomnia for 3 days and in the second phase for treatment and treatment of sputum the disease is minimally used for a period of 7 days until complete elimination of adverse reactions. You have to repeat these steps in the temper

The whole course of insomnia treatment

Complete and regular herbal medicines should be taken regularly for complete relief of insomnia

Method of diagnosis of insomnia

If a steam sauna or a sweet water bath does not cure insomnia, it is a dangerous sign and indicates obsessive-compulsive disorder

Prevention and Insomnia Prevention in Traditional Medicine

Patients with this disease should avoid all causes of insomnia, especially important causes of insomnia
Alcohol consumption, anticonvulsants, chemical hypnotics due to different alcohols or other addictive substances, often causing addiction and sometimes causing allergies or allergies, and if pregnant women are taking or aborting, and Or the embryo is defective
Medications used in chemotherapy for cancers, anticonvulsants, and weight loss drugs cause insomnia
Avoid abrupt discontinuation of sedatives and sedatives
Foods and beverages that contain teine and caffeine. Like Coca-Cola, thick coffee and tea are harmful in the afternoon
Excessive eating of hot and dry foods such as garlic, pepper and cinnamon produces fried and fatty foods of bile and creates special dryness in the nerve centers
Sleep causes relaxation, bloating, and frightening dreams before passing food through the stomach
Addictive substances in tobacco and cigarettes such as nicotine enter the bloodstream through the lungs and are effective in exacerbating insomnia
Avoid constipation, indigestion, sadness, and sadness, as they cause harmful swelling, wind, and steam
Avoid general pain, excessive thinking, heavy exercise or fever
Avoid sleeping during the day and do little physical activity during the day
Avoid sex and sex

Insomnia treatment with homeopathy

Insomnia treatment is a better, more effective homeopathic treatment without the numerous side effects of conventional medicine. Most importantly, you do not need to take the drug until the end of your life, but only for a few months at a low dose, and after that you can enjoy a natural and enjoyable sleep. Will experience


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