What is leech therapy and what are the benefits

Leech therapy is a method in traditional medicine that Ibn Sina mentioned in his book
Leech therapy is used to treat many diseases

For many years, traditional medicine has been used alongside modern medicine. And so far, many successes have been made in the prevention and treatment of diseases. One of the traditional treatments that has become popular these days is leech therapy
This treatment first came to Egypt and then to Iran and European countries. Follow this article to learn more about this treatment

What is leech treatment

Leech is one of the aquatic softworms found in paddy fields and marshes. Some types are very toxic

Some of them are useful and have therapeutic effects
The use of this divine gift for the treatment of certain diseases, such as re-bleeding to areas of the body where the veins have been damaged or closed, is called leech therapy. This traditional treatment has a long history. Ben Sina in his law book mentions a variety of leeches and poisonous leeches

The treatment for leech is saliva in his mouth, of which 18 enzymes are known. It has a anticoagulant called hirodine which opens the blood clot and increases blood supply to the body

Note: Leech therapy has a different mechanism of action than cupping and cannot replace cupping

That is, the beneficial effects of leech therapy are due to the presence of different enzymes in leech saliva

Note: People with coagulation problems should make sure to consult with their treating physician before taking leech treatment


In the world, this method is used to improve blood flow to the surgical site and organ transplants
The use of this natural treatment in organ transplanted surgeries can prevent the formation of black tissue and inflammation in the surgical area in addition to blood supply and better nutrition. They also use leeches around the eyes to treat glaucoma

Doctors recommend leech treatment to people with arthritis and bone disease. Leeches by sucking sticks convey analgesic and anti-inflammatory enzymes to the body. . Thus, in addition to relieving pain and inflammation, he cured muscle fatigue and fatigue

Other treatable diseases

Skin diseases: The treatment of skin diseases is one of the most important treatments in leech treatment

Spasm and Muscle Pain: This method relieves pain and relieves spasm

Motor Disease: These diseases are the most common disease of the present time and leech therapy is very helpful

Eye swelling: Hypo-therapy has had successful results in the treatment of eye swelling

Cardiovascular Disease: Cardiovascular stenosis is due to the deposition of fat and blood clots on the arteries wall

Circulatory Disorder: Hand and foot circulation disorder (cold hands and feet) is treatable

Injuries: Leech therapy has a good position in the treatment of injuries, bleeding and swelling

Ear Diseases: 1 to 2 leeches on the back of each ear can be effective at intervals

Diabetes Complications: Relieves the effects of diabetes on the eyes and feet

Headache and Chronic Sinusitis: It is effective in treating severe headaches as well as sinus infections

Gout: Reduce severe leg pain due to gout

Varicocele: Eliminate the effects of testicular varicocele and treat sperm weakness in men

Varicose veins: Treatment of torsion of the veins or varicose veins

Anywhere the body has inflammation or problems with blood supply, it is treated with this method