Skin diseases

Treatment of skin diseases is one of the most important areas in leech treatment


In the books, there is a great deal of valuable information about the treatment of pimples and ulcers by leech therapy
[Especially if used in a timely and appropriate manner [i

Particularly good results have been obtained for pus. After reducing the bruising and when the color of the pimple goes to brighter and more red
Pain that is caused by the pressure of boiling is rapidly alleviated

If this pressure and pain recurs, it is better to have leech treatment again in a short time


This method of treatment in beauty is also not without effect because after that it leaves no scars like indigene and also brightens the complexion


Leech treatment has a good position in the treatment of injuries, injuries, bleeding and swelling

It also had good results in cutaneous infection and perforated nails

A. Hematoma

Large hematomas can be painful to the patient and block the flow of blood to it

Hematoma can be cured by placing 4-8 leeches around the hematoma each week

B. Elongation

Stretching is caused by too much stretching on one organ. Ankle Strain Exercise is a painful injury that is usually associated with hematoma and swelling

Medical leeches are placed directly on the lesion

The patient experiences improvement in pain and blood flow and is treated very quickly and quickly

Plastic Surgery and Organ Transplantation

Congestion of veins and as a result of thrombosis are the most recent complications of skin grafting
Tissue corruption occurs after infection and bloodstream infection

Imbalance in hemodynamics can cause venous insufficiency

The usual method of decompressing a short distance from the site and removing the subcutaneous hematoma by incision on the skin is generally not successful

And before the circulatory problem becomes irreversible the next few hours if the leeches are attached in the right place
Resolving congestion is clearly visible
Surgeons have been able to rescue transplanted organs that were not treated in any way by Hirodomodinalsis leeches

Diseases of the motor system

Diseases of the motor system are the most common diseases present


Osteoarthritis means burnout and joint inflammation

It naturally appears more severe in older people

The knee and shoulder joints, thighs and fingers are more affected

Pain is caused by cartilage exhaustion and reaction

Leech therapy is not able to repair cartilage burn
Rather, it is likely to reduce pain by controlling swelling

Arthritic rheumatism

In rheumatoid arthritis by surgery on the entire joint swelling

The novel leech operates by controlling acute inflation

Ocular diseases

There are numerous articles on the successful use of leech therapy in various eye diseases


Leech is a great way to absorb hematoma around the eye

In America, boxers use leeches to eliminate bruises on their eyes
Symptoms of these injuries resolve within a few days