Contraindications for leech treatment

There are problems with blood coagulation ,hemophilia

You have severe anemia

Sensitivity to leech active ingredients

Caution is needed for pregnant and lactating women

People with malnutrition, leeches are allowed in cases of adequate blood supply in the cutaneous area
Areas of skin that are very cold, pale and suspicious and have extremely swollen skin (Edema) are not suitable for leech treatment
Therefore, leech therapy is not suitable for topical treatment of arterial and near gangrene disease

And the area that is still healthy skin should not be exceeded

Leech has the potential to heal wounds, thrombosis and phlebitis

It would be a mistake to put the leech in the center of a healed abscess
Or place it directly on the edge of the thigh

Note: It is important to note that patients who have a history of aspirin use (blood thinning medication) should discontinue the drug for about three days prior to leech treatment. And be sure to tell your doctor about your medications

Before leech treatment

Avoid intercourse 24 hours before leech treatment

Try to use the extracts prior to leech treatment to remove the prevailing morale

3-7 days before leech treatment for breakfast a glass of water + a tablespoon of honey + a tablespoon of lemon juice , 2 glasses a day

Barley soup or apricot can be served for three to seven days

Take a bath before leech treatment. Leek is sensitive to any type of odor

Gastric leech treatment should not be completely full or empty

People with diabetes should control their blood sugar levels before and after leech treatment

One hour before leech treatment, honey or pomegranate syrup or milkshakes are consumed

After leech treatment

Avoid intercourse 24 hours after leech treatment

Rest 24 hours

Do not soak the leech position for up to 48 hours. If necessary, dress with lukewarm boiling water or lukewarm flat-bottomed boiling water immediately

- Loosen the bandage every 1 to 2 hours and close again and relax while sleeping

- Open the bands after 24 hours and dressing again with honey

Occasionally itching of the leech position starts after 24 hours and may last up to a week
It is better to apply honey and turmeric or violet or coriander oil on the stand, but avoid scratching your own stand

Avoid salted food and 48 hours of dairy and eggs for the ideal effect of leech treatment 3-7 days after leech treatment

- Leech position is naturally bleeding for 8-16 hours Don't worry
Resting and lying down can reduce bleeding
And pour a little yolk and burnt cotton on it and dress with honey
Contact your doctor if bleeding continues

In cases where leech treatment is performed on the foot, you should not rest for 24 hours and keep your legs up

Otherwise, it will cause occasional bleeding

Diabetics should follow the health guidelines for complete wound healing

Apply honey syrup during the first six hours after leech treatment

To prevent leeching after 48 hours, cover the leech position with honey for 3-5 days for 2-3 days
Or dress with cotton soaked in boiled milk

Sleeping after leech treatment is forbidden for up to 4 hours

In general, foods and spices and fruits too hot and too cold after leech treatment are forbidden

Most of the temperate foods such as celery, barley, broth, pears, milk, rice, ghee, squash, syrup and so on should be used

Of course, rosehip syrup with honey or pomegranate juice is very useful after leech treatment

Rarely, after leech treatment, complications such as fever and heart palpitations, hypertension, tremors, numbness, swelling and onset
That your doctor will advise you that it is cross-sectional and not worrying

- Very spicy and very sour and very sweet food for up to 24 hours
Missing Blood Jets Eat a night of roast lamb and no bread and rice (instead of dinner) or sumac valimo sour and salty every night

Of course, you can also use grape juice instead of the above, which works wonders