Body massage is a great form of passive exercise. The word massage is derived from the Greek word "Massier" which means fist and gash
Massage can be very stimulating and energizing if done properly on the naked human body

About 400 BC, the great Hippocrates, the father of medicine, used massage and rubbing to treat his patients
Since then, it has been used as a treatment for many diseases

It has been able to bring health and vitality to many patients


General body massage that deals with all parts of the body is quite effective and useful in many ways

Massage enhances the body's nervous system, affects breathing, and accelerates the removal of toxic waste through various organs such as the lungs, skin, kidneys and intestines

Body massage also improves blood circulation and metabolic processes
Massage eliminates wrinkles. Helps fill in empty cheeks as well as reduce cramps, numbness and muscle aches

Massage Therapies

: There are five main ways



(Kick (kick movements in massage

(Petrica J (punching



This procedure involves moving your hands using long, uniform strokes on the body surface. The beating is done in five ways, namely by tapping

Thumbs up

Palm of one hand

Palm of both hands

Finger joints


Knocking increases blood circulation and relaxes the body's nervous system

This massage therapy is also exhilarating and relaxing

Knocking is very useful in treating a degraded skin condition


These are treatments that are circular in nature, with the help of your thumb, fingertips, or palms toward or around the joints
Rubbing the joints, flexes the needles and muscles, and facilitates the removal of waste products from the body through their destruction
Rubbing also reduces swelling after nerve inflammation


Petriasis is the process of punching, rubbing, pushing and rotating motions on tissues

And it is done with one or both hands and two fingers, or with the thumbs and fingers
The massager should put heavy pressure on the punches and deep rubbing

Apply gentle pressure to punch and apply light and superficial to the body
Petriasis is a good treatment for muscle problems

This method increases the nutrients in the body
Strengthens muscles, relieves congestion and helps eliminate body toxins

Petriasis enhances cellular activity and respiration

Third, it relieves fatigue and increases the activity of nerve terminals


This involves using hand movements and bringing light beats to the body
It is caused by rapid impacts on the body

Short and fast kicks often start from the waist

Toputman helps relieve muscle atrophy, increase blood flow, relax nerves and strengthen muscles


This treatment is performed by rapid shaking and compressive movements using the hands or fingers on the body

The massage hand should move constantly
Vibration is useful and effective in treating nerve inflammation or nerve pain when the inflammatory stage is over

Vibrations stimulate blood flow, stimulate endocrine and neural network activity, and also help move cells
Another form of body massage is in many cases vibrational massage. This can only be done by trained people

Muscle shaking is best when done with a special electric machine


Cotton seed oil is often used for massage. But butter is also used to fill cheeks and neck as well as to enlarge breasts
If the patient is against the use of oil, Talcum Powder can be used
Oil should not be used on the body of people with long hair
General body massage can last for 40 to 45 minutes and topical massage for 10 to 15 minutes. The oil used in it should be thoroughly washed off after work