Cinnamon is one of the herbs used in traditional medicine and has the following characteristics

The sycamore tree is a tree from the Elaeagnaceae family that grows in temperate climates. The leaves are thin and velvety and have brown and edible brown fruits that are used in the preparation of some medicines
It is generally spoken in Farsi but has different names in different regions of Iran

Other names

Cheese, Idea, Iced, Pisces, Almond Scrub, Sticks, Critter, Bell, etc. This tree can be found in abundance in Euclid
All parts of the plant including its root, skin and fruit have many properties

Growth location

Gharabagh, Azerbaijan, near Orumieh, Kalibar, Kurdistan, Sanandaj, Kermanshah, Hamadan, Isfahan, Shiraz, Taftan Baluchistan,
Khorasan Torbat-e-Heydariyeh, Tehran, Sarbestanak, Tochal Mountain, near Vanak Qazvin and Qom

Chemical compounds

Citrosterol has the soothing effect of knee arthritis
Calcium is a rich source of calcium and strengthens the bone
Sesame contains compounds such as phytochemicals, potent antioxidants, terpenoids and flavonoids, flavonoids and fatty acids such as linoleic and oleonic acids as well as sterols, olein, stearin, linol and up to 8% polyunsaturated fatty acids (glycidyl acids) There is a type of glucoside called crestine, organic acids and a variety of vitamins including vitamins E, C, B, B1, B2, A, F, 2 types of glucose and fructose, 7 types of unsaturated and unsaturated fat
There are 17 types of amino acids and some protein and 12.5% fat in the sesame seed nucleus
Influenza is effective at least against a common yeast called Candida albicans, it is one of the most important vaginal pathogens, and it is vital for women to treat it

The healing properties of syngas in traditional medicine

It contains the most useful antiviral, antifungal and antibiotic compounds without recurrence of infection and has a great effect on uterine or uterine infection and ear infections
Use of cinnamon is useful to prevent vomiting and treatment of diarrhea
They make a thick syrup from the kernel oil, which is used for colds and all kinds of runny nose, dandruff and bronchitis
Its fruit has been introduced as a treatment for colds and influenza
Due to tannin, eating it before meals is effective in treating dental diseases, bleeding gums and treatment of intestinal or salivary glands and gastric ulcer bleeding
It completely inhibits gastric acid secretion from carbachol
Eating three to four times a day, half a teaspoon of powder with half a teaspoon of sweat, especially before bedtime, is recommended for traditional healing
Cinnamon and powder Cinnamon powder is very useful in osteoarthritis (knee osteoarthritis), knee pain, osteoporosis, and tightens bones
Its flower is used for wound healing
Cardiovascular disease is a reliever of severe fever and chills in chest diseases such as shortness of breath, lung ulcer and nasal complications

Avoidance and harms

Harmful for colds and weakens their nerves

kilo calories

Every 100 grams of it produces 130 kcal of energy


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