Specialized neck pain cupping

Specialized cupping of pain in the neck area with cupping on 6 pieces. Complete treatment can be repeated this protocol several times

Specialized cupping for shoulder pain

Specialized cupping in the treatment of shoulder pain We pay attention to the anatomical position and pain points. There are five points to treat shoulder pain

Specialized cupping of knee pain

Specialized cupping In this case we also use anatomical positions and pain points (6 points) for cupping

Specialized back pain and sciatica

Specialized cupping for the treatment of low back pain and sciatica = 8 positions in the back and one in front of the body

Specialized gout cupping

Specialized cupping in the treatment of gout It is recommended to use cupping along with medication treatment. Coating is well treated with this protocol and the results are excellent

Specialized cupping: Six positions on the back and two in front of the body to treat gout

Specialized cupping of rheumatism

Specialized cupping Treatment for rheumatoid arthritis There are 4 positions in the back and 6 in the front of the body

Headache Specialized Cupping

Specialized cupping and treatment One of the diseases that is most effectively treated with cupping. Wet and dry cupping is very powerful in relieving pain. 4 Stance on the back and a stance on the body

Specialized Cupping

Specialized cupping: Two more cupping positions and eight dry cupping positions. Eight stands in front of the cup only

Specialized cupping of diabetes

The specialized cupping has nine positions behind the cupping and the cupping. Two positions are cupping in front of the body

Specialized cupping of gastritis

Specialized cupping Seven positions on the back and four positions in front of the body

Along with dietary advice and medication treatment, avoid stress and relaxation techniques

Specialized cupping for diseases

Constipation and diarrhea - High blood pressure - Irritable bowel - And ulcerative colitis and asthma - Prostate inflammation - Varicocele - Anal fistula - Hemorrhoids - Impotence - Men weightlifting also has a cupping treatment protocol that is tailored to the patient's needs