Benefits of cupping in children

It is the best and most effective cupping for children
According to research done on thousands of children and adolescent cupping

Age and time of cupping

The cupping can be started at 4 months and repeated every 6 months
The best time for cupping is in the spring and autumn, meaning the weather is neither too cold nor too hot

Child Cupping Benefits

Cupping increases the growth (height and weight) of children and adolescents

Cupping increases their appetite

Cupping increases the strength of the body's immune system
As a result, it reduces the severity and recurrence of infections , colds - infections of the ear, nose and throat
This in turn reduces the use of drugs (especially antibiotics) and promotes health and growth
Cupping reduces behavioral disorders (acuity, aggression, stubbornness, etc.) in children and adolescents

Treatment of diseases

Cupping is effective in the treatment of many diseases of children and adolescents (smallpox, mumps, allergies and asthma, neonatal jaundice, nausea, scarring, vision loss and tonsils and sinusitis, etc.). Cupping removes refractive errors in some children who no longer need to wear glasses. Most pediatric skin diseases are cured by cupping

Neonatal jaundice can be treated with a simple, superficial cupping

Cupping in infants and children is a very delicate, superficial surface with only a few minor scratches that only take about 5 cc of blood

Cupping stimulates hematopoiesis in children and adolescents and helps to cure anemia

Cupping increases the fertility and hormonal regulation of children and young people

Cupping prevents and treats pimples on the face of young adolescence , without complications or multifaceted

Regular and periodic cupping according to the traditional medicine and timetable in children and adolescents (whether in a health condition) increases the level of immunity and regulates hormones, promoting health and preventing many diseases

This will result in an increase in the useful life and a lasting level of excellent health. By using a special and scientific method, the effects of scratching on the skin will not remain , due to the sufficient experience of the doctor in pediatric cupping

To better mentally prepare children for cupping, it is best to explain the benefits of cupping to health
And provide a gift to encourage them
That will undoubtedly improve the health of the child and the peace of mind of parents